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Erasmus Policy Statement and Erasmus Charter 2014-2020

Erasmus Policy Statement/Transnational Partnership and mobility projects  

The ITS training scheme The ITS is a post-diploma specialization school and one of its objectives is to contribute to the diffusion of the technical and scientific culture, training young adults to work in companies. The ITS training scheme is practical and professional, aiming at the immediate and coherent placement in the work environment. It organises courses in the field of AUTOMOTIVE, MEHATRONICS and MECCANICS SECTORS

The main force for the effectiveness of the training and employment opportunities provided by ITS is the active involvement of the companies which, according to their needs, participate in the definition and realisation of the didactic programs and internships. Policy for the Internationalization of the ITS The Fondazione ITS mechanis system OF Lanciano (Italy, Abruzzo region), since the beginning, has given a strategic value to networking and transnational policies directed to the cooperation with other subjects, in particular through the creation of European partnership nets. Within the above strategy, the ITS intends to involve and create partnerships with the organizations which present similar courses, with research centers, institutions, companies and organizations which share the same objectives. Among the ITS’s members and network there are organizations (such as Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria, University of l’Aquila, FCA Research Center,  multinational enterprises etc. with already international partnership which can be helpful to ITS’s aim. The ITS gives priority to the cooperation with organisms from other territorial contexts aimed at supporting the promotion of technical- scientific culture. This strategy aims at favoring the transfer and the exchange of knowledge, skills and knowhow by activating processes for the improvement, the efficiency and the modernization of education, professional training and of the companies which will be the result of a constant and active confrontation.

Language policy The ITS: - Organizes training courses in foreign languages, mainly in English, but also in other languages according to the destination of the participants of the mobility projects. For language training the ITS organizes internal courses for its fellows held by mother tongue teachers. - Offers to the its worthy fellows also English intensive course held by teachers of WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY of Detroit (U.S.) and language-study periods in the United Kingdom, in order to improve their knowledge of the English language, a necessary tool for a profitable placement in the work environment. It also offers the job opportunities training in companies abroad, which operate in the fields of the Fondazione, to provide the participants with a better qualification. - Supports mobility by organizing Italian courses, if necessary, for students and incoming staff with a mobility period of at least two months, carrying out by qualified teachers.

Contacts For: - Organisations interested in the didactic activities of the ITS and in the agreements for projects of internationalization and mobility of students and staff; - Students interested in mobility projects;

Contact person:  Antonio Maffei tel. +39 0872 660304 / +39 0872 714881 e-mail