The Automotive Innovation Pole aims at contributing to the reinforcement of the regional innovation system in the automotive sector.

System actions
  • Construction of common knowledge tools for marketing and identity;
  • Organization and management of thematic working groups;
  • Organization of partnership for networking and sharing projects;
  • Management and governance of the Pole.

Specialized services
  • Technology and market monitoring;
  • Supplying human resource demand for business and research system;
  • Promoting industrial research and new products development;
  • Promoting technology transfer;
  • Supporting the creation and development of new businesses, academic spin-offs and innovative enterprises;
  • Promoting international networks and European research projects;
  • Development of new products/services;
  • Design;
  • Testing materials: mechanical testing, metallographic examinations;
  • Providing organizational and managerial expertise and intellectual property management;
  • Providing Quality services: calibration services, CE label, accreditation to UNI / CEI / SINAL certification.

Cluster "Trasporti Italia 2020"

The Automotive Innovation Pole is member of the National Cluster “Trasporti Italia 2020”, which is leading the development of innovative techniques for  road and sea transport (originally “Mezzi e sistemi per la mobilità di superficie terrestre e marina”).

The activities of the Cluster “Trasporti Italia 2020” are oriented towards creating a network of players in the supply chains of road, sea and rail transportation industries.

Such a cooperative approach aims to push the competitiveness of the “Made in Italy” by innovating the methodology and outlining new actions.

The Cluster’s strategies will

  • Promote a fully integrated systems of industries and research cycle;
  • Facilitate the elaboration of common solutions for common projects; and
  • Boost the expansion of supply chain operators network, by promoting intermodality