A network of independent and innovative operators in the automotive system: an eye to the future from Abruzzo region.

The European Union foresees Innovation Poles in ECC 2006/C 323/01, defining “Pole” as a

Cluster of independent enterprises (SMEs, LEs and research bodies, startups) that are active in a specific sector.

Clusters aim to encourage the interaction between different actors, the usage of common structures (e.g. labs) and the mutual exchange of knowledge as well as to contribute to the exchange of technological background, best practices and information sharing between associates.

Encouraging clusters to pool expertise and research facilities for the development of automotive technologies is the outstanding goal: production of Last Mile vehicles is a complex process that involves research, development, design and industrialization and needs shared resources.

Societal challenges:

  • Smart, eco-friendly and integrated transport;
  • Climate-related actions, efficient consumption of raw materials and resources;