The Automotive Innovation Programme completes the training and skills system through vocational and professional training courses provided by the Higher Technical Institute of Mechanical  system (5° EQF).

Higher education Technical Institute (HTS) for Mechanics System is a "Special school of technology" introduced into Italian national legislation since 2008.

The main objective is to organise short cycle technical training courses (5° EQF, duration: 1800 hours) in mechanics for high school’s graduates

The courses offered are innovative because they are based on the analysis of new strategic scenarios in terms of innovation; eco- efficiency, green energy, innovative materials, quality of processes and traceability.

All these issues are in continuous evolution for the new globalized companies of the automotive sector. The joint presence of businesses together with the University and technical schools guarantees the solidity of skills transfer from the manufacturing world educational supply chain towards the students.

Both the postgraduate training, the orientation and continuous training, become synergic resources for the Automotive Innovation Pole which, providing expertise, get human capital prepared to meet the demand of the job market.